Travel Exchange FAQ's

Q. What is travel Exchange?

A. travel Exchange enables you to exchange your timeshare entitlement towards the price of any of the travels within our travel program.

Q. How much can I save with travel Exchange?

A. You could save up to $1700 per couple with RCI travel Exchange. We have recently restructured the program and have increased the discounts available by up to 70%.  The total discount you could receive depends on the grade of the travel (Diamond, Ruby or Emerald) and your Exchange Week or equivalent Points.

Click here to see full details of travel Exchange savings available.

Q. How do I book a travel with travel Exchange?

A. Booking a travel Exchange is easy. Simply deposit your Week with RCI and call one of our friendly Travel Consultants who will make all the necessary arrangements.

Q. Have a question we haven't answered yet?

A. Please see the detailed trip notes for specific information about your booking, or contact us.